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Jarrod Coyles

Meet your assessor

Jarrod is an accredited Scorecard and Thermal Performance Assessor who is passionate about supporting others to improve their homes, with a focus on increasing comfort, affordability, efficiency and quality.

Jarrod will work with you to better understand your home and what you can do to improve your quality of life by assessing the comfort, thermal performance and efficiency of your home, centring your priority areas.

The assessments Jarrod provides are detailed, with clear explanations and recommendations on what improvements you may wish to make and how best to prioritise them. Jarrod will talk this through with you to ensure you have a clear understanding of the assessment outcomes and recommendations.

Jarrod will also assist you to understand current financial incentives or rebates that may support you to finance the assessment and any upgrades you make to your home.


Enfort provides a range of services to assist you in planning your home comfort & energy upgrades.

Option 1

Insulation & Draughtproofing Brief Assessment

This is a basic insulation and draughtproofing assessment. Jarrod will spend up to an hour walking through your home with you, assessing current insulation and discussing common areas of the home where draughts may be an issue. Jarrod will provide a verbal assessment on the spot, highlighting priority areas and discussing future steps.

Cost: $50

Option 2

Residential Efficiency Scorecard Assessment 

A Scorecard assessment rates your home's comfort and energy use. You are provided with a detailed written report which includes recommendations that are tailored to your home. The assessment includes:

· How your home performs in all weather conditions.

· How well your appliances perform, including hot water and heating and cooling systems.

· An overview of possible draught sources.

· The quality of your insulation and where it is placed in the home.

· Your experience of the home and any priority areas you have identified.

The initial home audit can take up to 3 hours and then Jarrod will use this information to provide you with a 30+ page report and Scorecard certificate.


1-2 bedrooms: $390

3 bedrooms: $450

4+ bedrooms: $490

Option 3

Detailed Draught Detection Audit

Jarrod will use a large door fan to remove air from your home which brings all of the draughts to life. He then tracks down the source of these draughts with smoke and/or a thermal imaging camera. A detailed report with photos of each draught source and proposed solutions will be provided. The length of this report is determined by the number of areas of concern and may be up to 50 pages in length.

Cost: $250


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